#JusticeForIzu: Man Commits Suicide on Alleged Rape


A twitter user  has taken to his time-line to share the lost of his friend who committed suicide on alleged rape allegation.

“This is the b**ch that accused my friend wrongly of rape, now my friend has committed suicide, he killed himself because he couldn’t handle the trauma,his phone kept blowing up, you didn’t give him a chance to clear his name. #justiceforizu she has locked her accounts.” IMG_20200719_211338

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Izu was a promising young man, he grew his business from sewing in his house to owning a warehouse, he was smart, good and had big dreams. He couldn’t handle the whole defamation. He left this wicked world that couldn’t give him a chance to speak. #stopfalserapeaccusation. 

Ginna Crochets 

The so called Nani was his friend, you didn’t ask him any question whatsoever, u just opened your mouth to accuse him!! Because you are fighting for victims “blindly” 

Woman Sleeps with Her Former Sugar Daddy to Secure a Job for Her Husband 

If you are ever tagged a rapist, even if you prove you didn’t do it, it is a tag that will somehow always be there. People will always look at you somehow, especially in a country like this. Dont be quick to defame someone.

See tweets below:


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