Alleged Armed Robbery by Men Suspected to Be Sars Officers 


1. On the 15th of August 2020, a Nigerian with the Twitter handle @manlike_Leo (herein after referred to as the victims) was allegedly robbed at gun point by men who claimed to be Special Anti Robbery Squad Officers, around 12:pm or thereabout. 

2. The victims were driving out of Zone 5, Wuse of the abovementioned day, year and time.

3. These suspect were in mufti. 

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4. According to the victims, these SARS officers flagged them to stop, and when they did, the SARS officers forcefully got into their vehicle, collecting all phones and allegedly instructed the driver to drive straight to their office. 

5. According to the victims of the alleged robbery, they were accused of being ARMED ROBBERS based on their looks and the car they drove. 

Ginna Crochets 

6. The victims were taken to a cell and threatened to be locked in a cell peopled with all the other ‘hungry lion’ inmates, in the words of the Officers.

7. After much threats and negotiations to avoid bring fed to ‘hungry lions’, the victims agreed to withdraw all the money in their bank accounts at gun point, on the instruction of the SARS Officers.  

8. The money collected from the victims is N70,000. 

9. The victims were taken to a tree and forced to write statements at gunpoint, which were literally dictated to them by these SARS Officers. 

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10. The money was withdrawn via POS on the instructions of the SARS of Officers.

11. They threatened to HANG and KILL the victims if they say a word. They claimed to HANG AND KILL PEOPLE, and NOTHING happens.

In the light of the above, we are calling on you to investigate the said officers and prosecute them on the basis of the outcome of that investigation. 

One of the Officers whose picture appear below gave his name as Supo Dan. The victims have suffered untold hardship, pain and inconvenience, owing to the fact that the money allegedly robbed from them by the above SARS Officers, was THEIR LIFE’S SAVINGS and BUSINESS MONEY. 

Dear @PoliceNG_CRU,

We are demanding that you fish out these men and bring them to book. They are bad advertisement for the Nigeria Police. An institution that has upright Officers like @AcpIshaku, should be an instrument of law and order 

Accordingly, we are demanding that

the 70,000 naira that was forcefully taken by these SARS Officers be immediately returned to them. 

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