6 Symptoms of Stomach Ulcer 

By Olamide O
Stomach ulcers are painful sores around the stomach lining and could be fatal! Watch out for the symptoms…
Stomach ulcers also known as peptic ulcers happens in at least one out of ten adults and it become increasingly common. These ulcers can be formed in the small intestine or the oesophagus.

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For ulcer, a painful sore forms around the stomach usually when the thick layer of mucus meant to protect the stomach digestive juices is reduced in which case, the digestive acids eats away the tissues lining the stomach!
Stomach Ulcers should be treated as soon as possible which can cure it but if left untreated, the area will keep eating away which can cause perforation, then eventually bleeding where it becomes fatal! (Stomach ulcer operations are usually not the best as they come with adverse effects especially for ladies so its best to get diagnosed early and start off treatments)

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Before stomach ulcer degenerates or not sure what symptoms to watch out for, take a look below:
1. Heartburn
Heartburns are pointers for stomach ulcers. A burning sensation in the chest can happen due to intake of spicy foods but if it persists and over the counter drugs don’t provide relief, see a doctor.
2. Hiccups and Burps
When hiccups and burps are persistent after eating or taking water or just ‘naturally’ (which isn’t) then it’s time to see a doctor for proper examination.

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3. Stomach Pain
Persistent stomach pain/sharp or dagger-like pain in the stomach may form early pointers to stomach ulcers and this should be taken care off as soon as possible.
4. Bloating
Bloating or feeling heavy even when not necessarily filled up with food is another sign that could indicate stomach ulcer
5. Indigestion
Indigestion is another common sign that indicates stomach ulcer. If after eating anything and there’s a persistent feeling of discomfort or feeling of indigestion, see a doctor.
6. Nausea
A constant nauseous feeling especially after eating is something to be addressed by seeing a physician.

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