South African Men Recount How They Were Raped by Older Ladies 


South African men have taken to Twitter to recount how they got raped by older ladies when they were much younger.

A Twitter user @TyrenndumisoB started the thread when he narrated how he was raped at 14. His tweet reads

Ginna Crochets 

”First time I had sex, I was 14 years old doing grade 7. Thinking about now, Smangele Kunene Zulu raped me. She was a pedophile. To make matters worse, she removed the condom after first round, second was raw and I didn’t even enjoy the thing. She was too much and rough.

Ppl from Twitter are different to people I have shared this thing with, you guys are feeling sorry for me. In my life, every person I share this with, laughs out loud. Including my girlfriends. They laugh even more when I tell them I hated sex after bcs I thought sex is overrated.

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I’m happy now for sharing this bcs it seems like more men are coming out in this thread”

Other South African men also shared sad stories of how older ladies took advantage of their innocence and raped them. They also revealed how the incident affected them.

See Tweets below..

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