Abundant Blessings as Woman Gives Birth to Quadruplets after 24 Years of Marriage (Photos)


By Henry Iheanacho

A Nigerian woman has received abundant blessings as she birthed quadruplets after waiting for 24 years for the fruit of the womb.

She reportedly gave birth through Cesarean section at a hospital in the Ikpoba Hill area of Benin State.

A relative to the woman posted a picture of her and the babies while announcing the great news.

Ginna Crochets 

“A big congratulation to my one and only aunty after 24 years in marriage, now God as finally answered her prayers from 0 to 4, when people lose hope that is when God intervenes. Thanks to God almighty,” she wrote. 

According to sources, a midwife who operated on her, revealed that it was the woman’s first time being pregnant after being married for 24 years.

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    it s very amazing 😅😅😅


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