WordPress: I am so Pissed off with the New Block Editor, There is a Way to Use Classic Editor inside It.

I was asked by one of us here to make a post on how to use a classic editor inside this new block editor that was just introduced by WordPress.

About a month ago this block editor was introduced and mandated to the used by all WordPress users, I was so pissed and angry. My anger was from that to make a simple post that do take me few mins now took up to hours just to create a single post.

Ginna Crochets

So I wrote to support asserting that this new block editor is too complicated and difficult to understand and use. I got a reply that they had to upgrade to higher editor that is more proficient.

I was then given a guide on how to use the classic editor inside the new block editor.

While Using a Browser

Step 1: Open your browser and click on add post button.

Step 2 : check the top most left of the new page displayed (block editor)

Step 3 ; Click on the ➕ sign there and it will display another page with so many icons.

Step 4: Go to search and type classic editor and it will pop up, then choose it.

Here is a video guide.You can change your browser to desktop size to be easier.

While Using the App.

Step 1: Open you WordPress App

Step 2: Go to settings and turn off use of block editor as default

Then go back and use the classic editor.

Just in case you check it out and still find it hard to perform one or two operations, ping back the problem in the comment section to enable me make a post on it.

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