Nigerian Woman Who Stayed under the Rain Selling Oranges Gets Massive Help


By Joseph Omotayo

A Nigerian man identified as Okikiola on Twitter has helped a woman who was under the rain selling oranges so her kids can get food

– The Nigerian man said he was really moved by her condition that he had to give the token he had on him

– To help the woman get more help, he brought her case to the platform as he solicited for more donations to her wellbeing

What is humanity without instances of kindness?  A Nigerian man with the Twitter name Okikiola has proved that there are still ‘angels’ in the world who would do all to help those in dire need of assistance.

On Wednesday, September 9, the Nigerian man said he was driving by when he saw a woman under the rain shivering. He said that his first thought was that perhaps the woman is not mentally okay.

After a second look through his side mirror, he saw that she had a bag beside her. His wonder made him stop as he drove back to her. On a closer look at the sack, he realised they were filled with oranges. The woman told the man that she has only been able to sell one out of them.

When he asked her the cost of the whole ware, she replied N1200. The man was taken aback. He said he had to tell the woman he would come back because he had no money on him. On his way to his car, he cried as he appreciated God for all His blessings which he had overlooked on his life, saying he was in no way better than the woman.

Ginna Crochets 

Okikiola said that the woman was well-spoken in English. On his way back to her, he gave her everything he could. The Nigerian man added that though his act of help should not have been made public, he felt the woman needed more help than he could give.

On Thursday, September 10, he paid her another visit as he tried to open an account for her in her name but that initially proved abortive as she does not have any means of identification or BVN.

Solutions to the Problem (Power Law)

Someone reached out to him via DM and connected him with an NGO that would help set the account for her with a promise that it could be ready by Monday, September 14. It should be noted that the woman is a fashion designer and has twins. The Nigerian man said she got the oranges on credit. A collage of the orange seller and the Nigerian man.

Photo source: Twitter/Okikiola Source: Twitter See his tweets below

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