Resume Writing: Resume Tips and Strategies for Nigerians

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Resume writing requires the right combination of skill, effort, and meticulousness. Failure to meet these criteria only reduces your chances of landing a job, especially in a country like Nigeria, where many people are anxious for employment in the same position. So, how should you write a resume that stands out from the rest
There is no one size fits all when it comes to resume writing. However, there are guidelines that you can follow to optimize your resume and increase your chances of landing that job. The article below is a brief guide designed to tailor your resume to meet the demands of the Nigerian job market.

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Keep it Short
In Nigeria, the word resume and CV are used interchangeably. In this country, people do not like to read a story – they are brief and straight to the point. Regardless of your work skill set and experience, CV pages are usually limited to just two or three pages and for a good reason.
According to Maurie Backman , 17% of recruiting managers do not even go through a resume that exceeds two pages.
For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you limit your CV to one or two pages. Outside your contacts, your CV should include your work-related details, such as skills and work experience.

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Presentation is Everything
In Nigeria, presentation is everything. That means your fonts style, font size, CV template, bullets, and content layout should be spot on. As a matter of fact, sometimes, the job position is narrowed down to the candidates who present their work meticulously and flawlessly.

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It is advisable to highlight your desirable
language skills and qualities first as you gradually move down to the less flattering ones down the list. If you are struggling with achieving the proper presentation for your document, there are several presentation tips online that could help.
Highlight Your Skills and Experience
One common mistake people make when writing CVs is only listing their skills and experiences. A hiring manager is more concerned with your ability to use these skills in an office setting. Instead of just listing these skills down, explain how you’ve used them in a similar job setting.

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The same goes for experiences. Be sure to demonstrate your capabilities in previous job employment. Recruiters are eager to know how you’ve used you’ve used your skills in the past to achieve the desirable work production.
Proofread Your Document
After you have finished working on your document, you must proofread your work. Doing this will ensure that your paper is free from typos and other grammatical mistakes.
Approximately 77% of all recruiters disqualify resumes because of these mistakes.
As a result, it is essential to proofread your work before handing in your application thoroughly. It will be tedious, so have a close friend or an esteemed family member check it out for you. The second set of eyes could prove to be the difference-maker. Wondering where to get your resume done professionally nowadays If you are having a hard time drafting your resume, then consider online help from experts.
Additional Valuable Tips
Remember to update your contact details.
Unprofessional email accounts for 35% of resume disqualification by hiring managers.
Remember to include referees. It is advisable to have up to 3 credible referees, excluding family members, even if they hired you.
Submit your resume together with a cover letter. A cover letter describes to the employer why you want that job, what you can offer, and the skills relevant to the job that you are applying for.
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