Sexually Transmitted Infections May be Why You Are not Pregnant 


Dr. Abayomi Ajayi

Sexually transmitted infections , even those that you may have had long before getting married , can cause you to be infertile in the process . This may seem scary, but it is true.

It is ironic that the more you’ve had sex in your past, the less fertile you may be , particularly if you were exposed to the risk of any STI which can make both women and men infertile .

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It is not uncommon to be diagnosed with infertility as a result of infection from gonorrhoea, chlamydia or other STIs . If you have a STI there may be no symptoms , yet STIs can damage your reproductive organs and diminish your fertility .

Sexually transmitted infections are common . However , people who have a STI often have no symptoms and can therefore have the infection for some time without being diagnosed or treated .

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Note that STIs like chlamydia , gonorrhoea , syphilis , and mycoplasma genitalium can cause fertility problems , especially when left untreated .

Also be aware that having unprotected sex with someone that is infected can easily transmit chlamydia which is a common infection that can affect anyone who has had unprotected sex.

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It is true that a STI can affect your chances of having a baby if it is not properly treated. For instance gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection that can affect both men and women .

It is easily transmitted during vaginal intercourse and usually affects the genital area , although the throat or anus may also be affected .

Usually , women with gonorrhoea often don ’t have any symptoms . This means that gonorrhoea can go undetected for a long time . When symptoms do occur, they include an unusual discharge from the vagina and pain while urinating .

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However , men do experience symptoms including burning sensation while urinating and a white or yellow pus -like discharge from the penis .

Untreated , gonorrhoea can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease , which can cause infertility . When you experience PID , there is lower abdominal pain and tenderness, deep pain during sexual intercourse , heavy and painful periods and fever.

As a woman, if you have had PID, you need to be especially careful about gonorrhoea , because the risk of infertility increases with each bout of inflammation.

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The earlier STIs are diagnosed and treated , the less likely they are to cause problems with your fertility . If you have had unprotected sex and have symptoms of STIs , it is advisable that you consult your doctor promptly for a check – up .

In several instances it might be awkward or embarrassing for you dealing with such diagnosis , but STIs are not to be ignored . Apart from the risk of infertility , having an STI test before trying for a baby reduces the risk of passing such infection on to your partner or child .

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