5 Home Remedies You Can Try To Reduce Bloating


Imagine not being able to wear that fancy body-hugging dress because you are bloated? The issue of bloating affects most women and it is not only uncomfortable but also annoying.

The remedies listed below can ease bloating.

Reduce your salt intake

Salt | HomeOnline

Many Nigerian homes take too much salt in their diet, which is not healthy as salt is made up of sodium. Sodium causes the body to retain excess water and bloating is caused when the body holds unto too much water content in a particular area of the body. You can substitute your regular salt for sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Both of them are healthier alternatives.

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Sip lemon infused water

Lemon infused water | Pinterest

Lemon speeds up the digestive process because it is a digestive stimulant. Sipping lemon infused water helps your body to process food and water faster. In addition, warm lemon infused water can be very active in flushing out excess sodium from the body.

Drink ginger tea

Ginger tea | Sunshine Energy & Cell Foods

Ginger root contains two compounds called gingerols and shogaols, which are very effective in aiding inflammation and bloating.

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Eat a banana

Banana<br />Photo Credit: Daily Burn

Bananas contain a good amount of fibre. Fibre aids the digestive process by making it work faster and it improves the state of the gut. Fibre can be active in reducing bloating because it counteracts it by using the water retained in the body for the digestive process.

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Do some cardio

A woman exercising | Instagram

If you find that you are bloated most of the time, try becoming more active in your daily life. Bloating is sometimes a sign that our level of activity required for optimum health is very low. You can start by doing a few jumping jacks or by taking brisk walks to feel better.

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