Don’t Marry Any Lady that Prefers Eating in Restaurants Everyday – Omokri Advises Men


By Henry Iheanacho

Reno Omokri has given some few marriage tips to interested men regarding a set of women to avoid when they are eventually ready to marry.

In a post via his Instagram page, the former presidential aide advised men not to consider any lady who opts for eating at restaurants daily because she is not a marriageable asset.

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According to him, a man who marries a high maintenance girl is investing in a major liability, as the situation will eventually transform from problematic to traumatic.

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He wrote;

“Dear men,

“Always invest in assets, not liabilities. It may be romantic to eat in a restaurant once a month. But a girl who wants that on a daily basis is not a marriageable asset.

“If you marry such a high maintenance girl, you are investing in a major liability! At first the restaurant dinner dates will seem romantic. When they become weekly, they will become problematic. By the time it is a daily affair, it will transform from problematic to traumatic for your finances.”

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