Remedies to Keep Rats Away from Your Home 


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The rats are definitely going to be after your home now that the rains are back as they need cozy corners to survive. Well, the truth is your home then becomes their safest place to hide. I bet you’re saying not on your watch right? But trust me, the rats are most likely going to find loopholes to penetrate except you keep them at bay with the following home remedies.

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• Peppermint oil – The advantage of peppermint is that they make your space smell fresh but unfortunately rats do not like the smell of peppermint. You can put some peppermint oil in cotton balls and place them at the entry points and other nooks and cranny where they can easily hide. Repeat the procedure every three days.

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• Garlic – Mix chopped garlic with water and sprinkle at the entrance of your home. Or leave garlic cloves at the entrance of your home.

• Castor oil and citronella oil – Soak cotton balls in the mixture, or just spread a little at rats’ hideout and they will leave your space.

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• Instant Potatoes Powder – Sprinkle instant potatoes powder at the corners they frequent. The rats will eat the powder and the potato flakes will get swollen in their intestines and kill them.

• Onion – Rats detest the pungent smell of onions so it keeps them away.

• Cloves or clove oil – Place a bunch of cloves in a cotton fabric near the rat hiding spot.

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• Combination of Plaster Of Paris (POP), with Cocoa powder – Mix dry POP with cocoa or chocolate powder and spread it at rat frequent corners. Once they eat up the mixture, they will crave water, drink, and die.

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• Ammonia – Pour ammonia in a small bowl and place at the frequent corners of the disturbing rats.

• Hot pepper flakes – Spread pepper at the entrance and other corners, the rats won’t dare to come in.

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