Viral Video of a Lady Flogging and Punishing Her Boyfriend as She Demands Apology 


By Henry Iheanacho

A video has surfaced online capturing the moment a young lady was seen flogging her boyfriend with a belt.

According to reports, the incident happened sometime back in Zambia and it involves popular individuals in the country.

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In the video, the lady known as Kidist could be seen flogging the man identified as Daev, who now happens to be her ex.

She ganged up with her friends to punish him, as one of them recorded the disturbing video.

Kidist told Daev to kneel down as she and her friend kept taunting him to apologize over an issue which was not made clear.

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The young lady occasionally hit him with the belt, as he kept mum and did not utter a word throughout the ordeal.

Social media users have frowned at the video, with many stating that she has no right to flog him, irrespective of what he did, while some others described the man as weak and foolish for just staying there instead of retaliating or walking out.

Watch the video below:

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