‘It’s Not about End SARS, Police is Still Going to Shoot’ – Naira Marley Reacts to the #EndSARS Campaign


 By Akpoesiri 


Nigerian musician Azeez Fashola, better known by his stage name Naira Marley has reacted to the #EndSARS campaign. The popular singer doesn’t think “end SARS is the problem” because he knows many SARS officers who do a great job.

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According to him, even if they end SARS, police is still going to shoot so the way forward is to end the shooting.

Reacting on InstaLive, Naira Marley said: “I’m just gonna talk my own opinion.

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“Deep down with me personally, I don’t think end SARS is the problem. It’s not about end SARS. What are you talking about end SARS?

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“If you end SARS, what? They’re not gonna end police. Police is still going to shoot.”

He pointed out that shooting is what needs to be stopped not ending SARS.

He continued: “To be honest, there’s a lot of SARS that’s actually done their work. Not all police are bad. They’re not all bad.

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“Some of them are actually good, you know? Some of them are good, do you get me? There are some SARS that have actually done a lot of work, do you understand? Like, there are SARS that are actually working.

“You can’t just say end SARS just because one SARS or two SARS f**ked up.”

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