Nigerians Rejoice as Onitsha Sea Port Becomes Functional after Decades (photos/video)


Onitsha sea port has become functional after it was commissioned yesterday, October 6.

Videos and photos from the scene show containers being offloaded.

According to presidential aide, Tolu Ogunlesi: “The Plan is to move containers from Lagos & Onne Ports to Onitsha by barge. For now I believe what’s being done is testing. You need to do a pilot first, assess efficiency, do troubleshooting etc, before you roll out full operations. But if it works as planned it’s gon be a BFD!!”

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He added: “So someone just pointed out to me that on the Maersk website,Onitsha is now available as a port of final destination. A vessel departing Shanghai Oct 10 (this Sat) has Onitsha listed as terminal port (arrival Dec 2, 2020).”

The Onitsha sea port has been non-functional for decades and Nigerians took to Twitter to rejoice after it was commissioned.

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Below are Twitter reactions, photos and a video.

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