“You Are a Mother and Kids Are Getting killed by SARS, Shame on You ” – Wizkid Replies Buhari’s Aide , Lauretta Onochie


By Henry Iheanacho

Nigerian singing star, Wizkid, real name Ayodeji Balogun, has replied President Muhammadu Buhari’s aide, Lauretta Onochie over her recent comments on him.

Recall that the singer had earlier called out Buhari, telling him to focus less on US president Donald Trump and focus more on tackling the issue of police brutality on young Nigerians by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

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In response to his comments, Lauretta Onochie, president Buhari’s aide on social media, called Wizkid dumb.

“Its not disrespectful to call anyone old. Its the way and manner Ayo Balogun addressed the President that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

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“He exhibited crass ignorance, insensitivity and childishness. But hey, he’s a #DumbkidNotWhizKid

“When he grows up, he might learn respect” She tweeted.

Its not disrespectful to call anyone old

Wizkid has now replied and called her out for having misplaced priorities, stressing that instead of her to be bothered about the fact that SARS are killing innocent children, she is worried over him calling Buhari an old man.

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He pointed out that she’s a mother who ought to be even more concerned over the lives of innocent children, adding that she should be ashamed of her response.


“lol a 77 year old man is not young ma.. You are a woman and a mother and kids are getting killed by police/sars and this is all you have to say? shame on you!!! shame on you!! I am a father and age has nothing to do with demanding for a better governance in my country!!“ the singer wrote.

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