2020 is not the Year to Open This – Reactions as Ancient Mummy Tomb is Opened after 2500 years

By Henry Iheanacho

An ancient Egyptian mummy tomb was recently reopened after being shut for over 2 millenniums.

The mummy tomb, which has been sealed for 2500 years, was opened for the first time on October 5, 2020.

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The reopening sent shockwaves to many people who are of the opinion that it is nota wise decision, considering all the absurdities that have been witnessed and experienced in the year 2020.

Falz and Runtown lead #EndSARS Protest in Lagos (photos/video)

A video and photos of the historic moment was shared via Psychedelic Art Twitter handle as many took to his comment section to oppose the move.

Watch below:

See reactions below:

Why are y’all the way that y’all are? Why cant you just leave stuff alone for ONCE? Do you not see how 2020 has gone so far? Enough is enough pic.twitter.com/wNB67itqpR

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