4 Ways To Deal With Your Mental Health During Protest


By Modupeoluwa Adekanye

The reality we face, whether it’s our own or that of others, pushes us to try and change what we are experiencing or witnessing.

However, it is easy to forget to take into serious consideration the possible consequences of any such choice; while positive consequences are often empowering, we can be disempowered by negative experiences.

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During the process of protest, there could be resistance from the government, which often leads to use of teargas, pepperspray, at times, rubber bullets and rough handling of protesters.

As much as these things are unacceptable, it is of utmost importance to cater for your mental health, the stress and anxiety that comes with all of these.

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Below are some ways to attend to your mental health:

Stay Connected

You might want to stay alone, however, it is important to stay connected to people in order to get enough care. Challenge yourself to share your experience with others. Having a witness for what’s going on is essential to reduce that loneliness and move forward. You can reach out to people that will understand your plight and help you through the low-moment.

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Seek Help

Therapy isn’t just for those with significant mental illnesses. Anyone who is experiencing negative mental health symptoms that affect their daily life should consider seeking professional help. If you notice your experience during the protest is weighing you down, kindly speak to mental health experts.


Meditate when you are alone, it helps to clear your mind and stay relaxed. A number of studies have suggested that meditation can reduce the symptoms of PTSD and anxieties. It is advisable to also meditate where you feel safe, this is because at times, meditating can bring back memories you want to let go before making you feel better.

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It is okay to have a social media fast or to not pay attention to the news for the somedays. Doing this will help to lower any stress caused by daily updates of recent events. You can take a break from the cause of the protest, this helps to deal with your pains. Once you are healed, you can then start refreshed and better.

Always take care of your mental health, it is very important.

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