Nigerian Teen Builds Power Plant to Enable Residents Charge Devices (Photos/Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

A young man identified as Solomon Ukoha has built a mini power plant to enable people in his community charge their phones and other devices.

An entrepreneur, Ndubuisi Ekekwe shared the video of the power plant and revealed that the teenage boy allowed people in his community to make use the device after building it.

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The power plant which Ukoha from Ohafia in Abia state built also supplies light for their home.

Sharing the video on his LinkedIn page, Professor Ekekwe wrote: “That is Genco (for generating electricity), transco (for transmission of electricity) and disco (for distributing electricity).

The young man built the power plant, created the transmission lines and opened it for people to come and charge their phones, etc. Like I tell people, there is nothing new in Nigeria. The news now is that in the Southeast Nigeria, people are creating alternate frequencies (yes, illegal) and government in the 2021 budget will spend close to N700 million to track those frequencies.

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“I am looking for a leader who can help harness the immense talent of young people in Nigeria. I tasted this many years ago in FUTO when my Vice Chancellor summoned me that the campus radio station we had designed to serve the university community had been banned by Sani Abacha, and that it must be stopped. We complied!

“Look at this video…and tell me why General Electric (GE) would not wish this boy was born in America!”

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