Woman Throws Husband Out over House Rent (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

A video which surfaced online shows the moment a Ghanaian lady who resides in the United States, ejected her husband, Nana Bediako, from their home.

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According to reports, the man in the video had failed to pay rent for two months.

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The unidentified woman confirmed in the video, as she packed out her husband’s clothes and threw them out on the street.

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According to the wife, she had paid the rent twice and was going to show him that she could drive him out.

A part of the video which also got people’s attention was when the man asked himself the words, “Nti me Nana Bediako paa nie?” which translates to, “So is this me, Nana Bediako of all people?”

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Nana Bediako filmed the heartbreaking moment his wife went into their room, picked his clothes and threw them out, asking him to vacate the house.

Watch the video below:


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