Nigerian Boy Uses Cartons to Create Robot, Many People Praise Him 


Written by Joseph Omotayo

– A young Nigerian, Praise Kelechi, has created an Iron Man suit with cutouts from cartons

– Kelechi said his future plan is to travel abroad and study robotics to better his craft

– According to the boy’s mother, Patience, parents must cultivate the habit of encouraging their kids’ skills

A 14-year-old Nigerian boy, Praise Kelechi, has shown off his improvisational skill of using cartons to create robots and other superhero costumes.

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In an interview with BBC, the boy, while, displaying the Iron Man suit replica he made, said he was working on it before the lockdown but had more time to perfect it as school was on a forced holiday.

He wore the suit like the popular Tony Stark character would do. The creative SS1 student said due to the lack of glue, he always melts styrofoam with fuel to produce his own adhesive.

Photo source: Instagram/BBC News

Kelechi hopes to study robotics in the future. Photo source: Instagram/BBC News

The young Nigerian added that his hope is to one day gain a scholarship to study robotics abroad. In mentioning his sources of inspiration, he said he was influenced by the Iron Man movie and Adam Savage.

He gave this piece of advice:

“I want to tell the world that no matter how rich or poor you may be, you can still be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want. It does not matter the resources available or not, you can just be who you are.”

Watch the clip below:

His mother, Patience Onuoha, said her son has had the knack to create things from papers since when he was seven.

She advised parents to encourage the crafts of their wards, adding that times have really changed from when the popular ways to succeed were being a doctor or lawyer.

Kelechi also showed the Thor hammer he made. He said he is working on a real rocket launcher for his future project.

Below are some of the reactions to the video:

ghadaelizabeth said:

“Keep it up I pray all your dreams come true and you will shine this so beautiful.”

i_amgraced said:

“They beat me for cutting papers when I was a child ooo.”

zainab_maciver said:

“Our government should please focus on these young people developing themselves this could be a huge thing if it get the proper backup.”

Meanwhile, earlier reported that the photos of a young man and his innovative pieces surfaced online and they got a lot of people talking. In the pictures, he could be seen posing beside one of the vehicle prototypes he built.

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In the pictures shared on Facebook, the unidentified man created trucks and cars with what looks like tiny wires.

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