US Election : President Trump Is Projected Winner of Alaska


By Kess Ewubare

– More projected results in the US presidential election have been reported by the media

– The latest projected result from Alaska is said to have favoured the Republican Party

– The official results of the US presidential election have not yet been announced

President Donald Trump is projected to have defeated the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden in Alaska, according to a CNN update of the US presidential results.

The news channel stated that the Republican candidate won the three electoral college votes at stake in the state, taking his projected electoral college votes to 217.

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Reuters reported that Edison Research projected on Wednesday, November 11, that Trump had won Alaska.

The media outlet, however, pointed out that the projected three electoral college votes won by Trump will not change the predicted outcome of the US presidential election.

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Meanwhile, emerging reports claim that President Donald Trump has told his close associates that he is considering contesting in the US presidential election in 2024.

Reuters, citing a source who was not named, stated that Trump told his allies that he may announce his 2024 presidential bid by the end of the year.

Though the president has not openly made any statement about launching another presidential bid, several reports have claimed that he has been talking about it with his close circle.

Meanwhile, the election commissioner for Philadelphia, Al Schmidt, has debunked claims that dead persons voted during the just-concluded United States (US) presidential election.

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Schmidt noted that after a thorough investigation, it was discovered that there was no evidence to back up the allegations that deceased persons took part in the poll after their demise as claimed, NBC News reports.

The commissioner, therefore, described the report that has been spread on social media as ridiculous, saying the claims were void of evidence.

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