Citizenship Done Sure for You – Reactions as Nigerian Man travels Abroad to Marry a Romanian Lady 


By Henry Iheanacho

A Nigerian man known on Twitter as Tare Brisibe has sent tongues wagging on social media following his wedding to a lady in Romania.

In a post he shared via his handle, he was seen in four pictures together with his beautiful bride in beautiful print as they both wore facemasks.

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Many social media users wished the couple well, however, some Nigerians believed that the marriage could have been an arranged one for the man to secure citizenship.

But others countered, saying the man married the people his heart wants.

Ginna Crochets 

He captioned it, “To have and to hold”

See some of the reactions below.

@anyasi_emma said: Citizenship done sure for you. Congratulations man.

@Tallestman189cm said: Congratulations boss, May Almighty God bless your union.

@LapeBillions said: Short girls are the cutest.

@Aquessi_Emma said: Look at the last frame and you’d think they can’t be separated. Herh this world!

@kul_lad said: The girl is too beautiful to be just for green card.

In response to the above, @Tamunoebi said: Not at all. They are almost age mates. Man is a good guy and ain’t the gold digging folk u find around. He’s in for a life time walk with a woman he found in a strange land that became his sister, friend and confidant.

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