Young Lady Surprises her Boyfriend with 30 Gifts for His 30th Birthday (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

A young lady has left her boyfriend feeling ecstatic and special after she showered him with 30 gifts ahead of his 30th birthday.

The man with Twitter handle @TheJamelShow, whose 30th birthday is a month away, was led to a room packed with 30 different gifts which he is meant to open daily till all the gifts are exhausted.

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In the videos he shared on Twitter, there is a board hung on the wall surrounded by different gifts wrapped in boxes. Thirty cups were attached to the board containing different gifts.

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According to his girlfriend, each cup will have to be taken down daily and unwrap one gift, an act he will have to do for 30 days.

The man who was all smiles found himself being speechless as he officially unwrapped his first gift which was a pair of adorable sneakers.

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Watch short videos below:

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