5 Foods Your Female Genitals Want You To Take


By Modupe Adekanye

Most women are obsessed with the health of their vagina and this is a good thing. There is nothing bad to want your lady-bit to be healthy.

As always stated, your vagina is capable of protecting and cleaning itself. Proper vagina care, such as good hygiene, safe sex, and regular gynaecological visits, all play a role in keeping your pH in check.

However, an important thing also is what you eat. The things you take affect the health of your vagina so you need to eat healthily. Below are some foods your vagina needs you to eat:


Carrots | Photo Good Housekeeping

You are wondering why? Well, Carrots are very good for you down there. Researchers found that women who consumed flavonoid luteolin (found in carrots, cabbages, and peppers) saw a 34 percent reduced risk of ovarian cancer.


We’ve all heard the popular advice that states that you should drink cranberry juice to treat UTIs. Fresh cranberries or 100 percent cranberry juice (not the sweetened ones) are full of antioxidants and acidic compounds, which are powerful infection fighters. Studies show that cranberries can be especially beneficial in preventing UTIs in women with recurrent or recent UTI issues. Sugar-loaded cranberry juice varieties can actually make things worse down there.

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Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes | Photo iStock

Normally, sweet stuff is not a great source of nutritional benefits. But you can trust sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, which helps strengthen muscle tissues for strong, healthy vagina walls.


Water | Photo Omenka Online

Water is probably one of the best things you can do to your vagina. Here is what Diana Hoppe, a popular US Gynaecologist, has to say, “Hydration is key for overall health, but also for proper functioning of the vagina which has its own self-cleaning system. Adequate water intake will increase lubrication, allow secretions to be released, and proper PH balance of vaginal tissues.”

Vitamin C

Foods high in vitamin C such as strawberries, bell peppers, and citrus fruits are important for your immune system and fighting infections down there.

So while you go for constant medical check-ups, take these foods to ensure you are healthy.

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