I Made My Husband Poor so His Family Will Leave and I’ll Have him All to Myself – Woman Confesses, Seeks Help 


By Henry Iheanacho

A woman has confessed about how she ruined her husband’s life simply because she wanted his mother to abandon him.

According to the woman, she has been married for three years to a man who was once rich, but he lost his riches due to her possessiveness.

She revealed that he is the only son of his parents and as such his mum always gives her attention to him but this made the wife jealous as she wanted him all to herself.

As part of measures aimed at ensuring her man is hers and hers alone, she told her husband to send his mum away but refused. However, he eventually built two houses in one compound, one for his spouse and the other for his mother.

This unfortunately was not enough for the wife as her husband’s mother always leaves her own building to visit and stay with her son in the other one.

This angered the wife to the point that complained to a friend who took her to a spiritualist who gave them the option of making her husband poor or killing her mother-in-law.

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She took the offer of making him poor but that also did not work as it even made the man’s family members to become closer to him.

As her husband is no longer rich, the family had to depend on her only business to survive, but the pressure is too much to the extent that the business is collapsing.

Also, his mum has now assumed the role of a caretaker by borrowing money to feed him.

Ginna Crochets 

Complaining over the situation, the wife said she is tired of living in poverty and so she visited the spiritualist who made her husband poor but he said the only way it can be reversed is if she confesses directly to her partner.

Read her story below:

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