Daddy is Sleeping, Don’t Shout – Emotional Moment a Little Boy Tells People not to Cry at his Father’s Burial 


By Henry Iheanacho

A little child created a gloomy atmosphere and made people even more emotional at his father’s burial after warning them not to make noise in order not to disturb his sleeping dad.

According to a social media post, the young boy who lost his dear dad and is just to young to understand what had happened to his father, thought he was just sleeping.

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That was why he told family, friends, and colleagues weeping over his death by his burial ground, that they should keep calm in order not to wake him.

”Shhh… Daddy is sleeping”. This little boy during the burial of his dead father told the crowd to keep quiet else they will wake his Dad up. He got many people crying with this sad statement. Innocent him does not know that his dad is embarking on a journey of no return.. Very very sad world.” the post read

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