Nigerians Sponsor Education of 13-year-old Boy Who Became a Mechanic to Survive after His Parents Died 


By Henry Iheanacho

Nigerians have rallied round some support for the cause of Ashamu Lekan whose video went viral days ago after he was filmed repairing a tricycle close to a mechanic workshop.

The boy had said that after his parents died, he turned to a mechanic and dropped out of school in order to make a living.

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Here’s a video of him narrating his ordeal.

Both parents dead.

They told him he would continue schooling at his “oga’s” place but later told him he could only learn work

In the clip, Lekan also revealed that he would like to continue his education.

Considering his plight, the good Samaritan with Twitter handle @AnatuGreen who shared his story online, coordinated donations from willing Nigerians so the young lad can resume school as he had wished.


As at 3rd December 2020 5:48pm WAT, we have raised ₦ 72,200.00 via @donate_ng link and N74,000 via @theflutterwave donation link.

The receipts are available to all.

A long way to go guys! I am counting on you to keep retweeting and donating any amount you can.

On Thursday, December 3, after receiving multiple donations, Lekan resumed at BrainField School, Abule Egba in Lagos state.

Anatu added that it would be the first time in five years that the 13-year-old boy would be stepping foot into a school.

This week, for the first time in five years, Lekan Ashamu stepped into a school where we went to assess him to know what class he will fit into.

The man is his uncle. 

Sharing photos on Twitter, he posed with the kid and the boy’s uncle as they sat in an office in Lekan’s soon-to-be school.

See more photos of them trying to enroll Lekan in school:

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