I Have Chosen Rich Vanity – Peter Okoye Says as He Slams Religious Man Who Asked if He Truly Feels Happy with all His Wealth 


By Henry Iheanacho

Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye professionally known as Mr P, has revealed how he intends to live his life.

According to the former member of defunct PSquare group, he wishes to live a vain life of affluence.

Mr P made this known in reaction to a man who tried to counsel him after he shared a photo of himself and his brand new exotic jeep-ster.

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The man had asked the musician if he feels happy with all the wealth he has amassed, adding that the biblical King Solomon had money and power but referred to life as vanity.

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”With all those wealth, deep down, do you feel happy…? Solomon had power and money yet called Life vanity!’‘ the Twitter user tweeted.

Then the singer explained that everyone has a choice between poor vanity and rich vanity, so he has chosen rich vanity.

He suggested that the man should choose poor vanity since he and King Solomon are wise.

”Choose your Vanity wisely! Rich vanity or Poor Vanity! Me i done chose my own(Rich Vanity)……. Make sure you chose dey other one! Since you and Solomon dey wiser!’‘ Mr P wrote.

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