”I’m ruined” – Man Cries Out after He Used his Family’s House Rent to Play Bet and Lost


By Henry Iheanacho

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to cry out for help after he made a huge financial mistake.

He used money meant for the payment of his house rent to play bet but unfortunately for him he lost it all.

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Identified on Twitter with the handle, @FirstofHisnam01, the man revealed that the rent for the house him and his mum stay in is N150 but they had raised N94k out of the money so they pleaded with the landlord to afford them more time to get the rest.

While they were still looking for ways to raise the remainder of the money, which was a difficult task that frustrated him, he decided to take a huge risk by staking the entire N94k on some games with the hope that he would get more than enough to pay the rent and still have some money left.

Sadly he lost the money, and so he took to the microblogging platform to seek assistance from.

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Sharing a screenshot of the bet slip, @FirstofHisnam01 wrote;

”God!!! I’m ruined

”Been trying to pay up for our rent since last month but couldn’t gather the money. Out of 150k my mum and I were able to gather 94k, and we pleaded with our landlord to give us till 20th. Out of frustration with no help on sight I decided to bet with the money

”I lost it all

I’m dead. Please help.

”My life is completely ruined. What do I tell my struggling mum.”

See his post;

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