“See Me Now with a New House, Don’t Give up” – Father Gives Words of Encouragement to Suicidal Young Man 


By Henry Iheanacho

A Nigerian man, Ulukwu John Chinedu has shared his ‘grass to grace’ story to encourage a young man who was considering suicide.

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Chinedu made his story public after a Facebook user, Ifeanyi Emmanuel Agbasi took to a group on the social networking site to share a disturbing post about wanting to end his life.

Ifeanyi wrote;

“This might be my last post on earth. I am so much depressed. This world has really shown me pepper. I am just tired of all the ups and down. I am so much, I feel like ending the whole thing.”

Many people advised him against taking his own life, and Chinedu was among them. He shared throwback photos of himself before he became a ‘big man’ and advised the young man not to give up.

“See me before and check me today. You will see big difference. Don’t give up…

“Me before but now I am a big man. Why give up?..

“See me with a new home. Don’t give up”, he captioned the photos.

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