How To Link Your NIN With MTN Online (Full Steps)


By Thandiubani

Nigerians using MTN line can now easily link their sim cards and their National identification number using this easy step. 

MTN Nigeria has made it easy and simple for its customers to easily link there NIN with there SIM online without any hassle.

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.MTN Number






You must have Gotten your national identification number from the NCC office

Follow steps to link up now


1. Visit the link below


No NIN, No Driver’s License – FRSC

2.Fill In your MTN number

3. Fill In your NIN Number

4.Fill In Your email number

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Finally summit it is very simple please do fast to prevent your SIM from getting blocked.


Y’ello, Kindly visit to link your line to your National Identity Number. Pending when verification of the submitted NIN is completed through NCC/NIMC, the status of the NIN submitted is unverified; this means that you might be required to visit again


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