Prank Gone Wrong: Lady Breaks Bottle on Boyfriend’s Head Because She Thought He Was Sleeping with another lady


By Henry Iheanacho 

In an occasional case of a prank gone wrong, a man has found himself at the receiving end of of a brutal assault after he made his girlfriend believe he was having intimate relations with another woman.



The man set up a hidden camera in the living room, in anticipation of his woman’s arrival, he then arranged pillows to have a human form on the sofa.

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Moments before she walked in, he got into position and started humping the pillows which were shaped like a human, making his girlfriend believe that he was having intercourse with a lady.

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As soon as she saw him, the lady reached for a bottle on the table and smashed his head with it. He laid on the sofa and groaned in pain while holding his head.

Watch the video:



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