Man Succeeds after Selling iPhone X He Won in 2018 and Using the Money to Buy Work Equipment 


By Henry Iheanacho

A young man identified as Elvis Okhifo has shared a story of a sacrifice he made which turned out to be an immensely beneficial move. 

According to Elvis, he won an iPhone X in 2018 but because he could not afford it at the time and did not have the funds for repairs, he decided to sell the new phone and used the money.

He channeled the money into buying photography equipment for his work and says that he is glad he did because it paid off.

The young man said that the sacrifice he made two years ago as he can now afford the phone twice just like he had wished.

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He now owns his own creative photography and branding company which employs people.

Sharing two photos of himself, one was a throwback to 2018, and showed him displaying the iPhone X, while the other had him looking all dapper in a social environment.

Elvis wrote;

”I won an X from @ZenithBank in 2018 but sold it cause I couldn’t afford it or even fix it if it got bad.

I used the money to buy photography equipment and promised myself I’d hustle till i can afford it twice. Petty much? Glad i did. The sacrifice is worth it!’‘

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