University Professor’s Act of Kindness to Student Having a Hard time Goes Viral 

A Twitter user took to the platform to share an act of kindness her professor bestowed on her and it has now gone viral.


Zenia Kim had a difficult fall after attempting suicide, losing her student accommodation, and having to get a job to be able to get a temporary accommodation.

Man Succeeds after Selling iPhone X He Won in 2018 and Using the Money to Buy Work Equipment 

As a new strain of Covid-19 spreads, countries are going into another phase of lockdown and the student also stands a risk of losing her job again if Washington DC closes in-door dining.

British Professor Addresses University of London Graduands in Hausa (Video)

After explaining these to her lecturer, Professor Lynn Matheny, the lecturer replied with an encouraging message then sent her $1,000 Dollars as a gift while promising her that things will get better in future and she’ll be able to pay it back.

Read the messages below:

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