Don’t Meet Ladies with the Sole Aim of Relationship or s*x – Architect Reveals How a Female Friend Took Him to Aso Villa


By Henry Iheanacho

An Architect known as Uncle Ajala on Twitter has advised men to try become good friends with some ladies because it is beneficial in some great ways.

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The young man told fellow men not to always have relationship or sex in mind whenever meeting a lady as they could be helped in better ways if they were just friends.

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He gave the advise via his Twitter account, while sharing how some female friends helped him career-wise.

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Ajala said the highest money he received for a job was through a link from a lady, adding that it was a lady who took him to Aso Villa for the first time.

”The job I did in Lekki this year was a pass from a female friend, highest money I got for a design was link from a girl, a girl I met here took me to Aso villa.

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”Don’t be meeting girls with sole aim of relationship or sex, by being just friends with some girls may help your life.”

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