Singer, Tekno Reveals He’s Looking for a Cook, Says He’ll Pay over N300,000 Monthly 


By Henry Iheanacho

Top Nigerian music act, Kelechi Miles popularly known as Tekno has taken to Twitter to announce vacancy for a cook.

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According to the singer, he intends to pay any qualified person the sum of $800 (N303,000) monthly.

He had initially called for the services of a cook in a post which many did not take seriously but the Pana crooner later disclosed how much he intends to pay and that peaked people’s interest.

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Tekno tweeted;

”I need a cook’‘

He added;

”800 dollars per month”

After he made the second post, his tweet went viral and gathered numerous reactions

@EmemEdet19 said:

You need me mahn. Na Calabar girl I be o, I Sabi cook wehweh.


Biko give my bro a trial test and you won’t be disappointed. If him arrange better Egusi soup for u ehnnn, you will double his allowance walahi! I can beat my chest anytime, anyday of his cooking versatility!


Tek if you wouldn’t mind though, my dad is a chef my profession. And this would be a great opportunity for him to cook for one of the finests artiste in Africa.

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@alhajitekno I promise you won’t be disappointed I can come in for a cooking trial my DM is open if you need to reach me.

Ginna Crochets 


See me here na biko.. i If I cook for you ehn, even my water if I boil am for you you go deh wonder which recipe I use.. p.s I cook for a living.

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