“How Many Of Your ‘Urgent 5k’ Girls Wished You A Happy New Year?” – Reno Omokri Asks Men


By Thandiubani

Reno Omokri has revealed that women who demand urgent 5k from their men do not really love them. 

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Nigerian lawyer and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has mocked men who patronize urgent 5k women.

According to him, many girls who demand for ‘urgent 5k’ from their boyfriends do not truly love their boyfriends.

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He stated that many of such girls never called their boyfriends to wish them a Happy New Year but would only call when they are in need of money.


Advising men via his Instagram handle, he wrote:


“Dear men,

How many of your ‘urgent 5k’ girls called to wish you happy New Year? You see? You are urgent to them, but you are not important to them. Let this be a lesson. What is urgent is not always important and what is important is not always urgent. Your mother was one of the first to wish you a happy New Year. How many urgent 5k did you send her in 2020? Yet, you gave multiple ‘urgent 5k’ to girls that showed you how unimportant you are by ignoring you on New Year’s Day! Learn your lesson!”

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