DNA: 3 Things You Can Take To Hospital Without Your Wife’s Consent To Confirm if the Child Is Yours


By  Thandiubani


A doctor has given men three simple things they need to take to the hospital to confirm the paternity of a child. 

A Nigerian doctor, Olufunmilayo has taken to Twitter to give important advice to married men who are interested in conducting DNA test for their children.

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The latest interest in Deoxyribonucleic Acid Test became imperative after a Nigerian man died of heart attack on discovering that the children he thought he fathered didn’t belong to him.

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While trying to help men out, doctor Olufunmilayo said all you need for a DNA test is any of the following: the child’s hair, nails or blood.

Also a cheek swab can be used to determine the paternity of a child.




He wrote:

“A child’s dad can order a DNA test.

All you need is the child’s hair, nails or blood. Job done. And it can be done secretly.

You don’t need to ask a woman before doing a DNA test. You don’t need her permission. At all.

Don’t let anybody guilt trip you.

Pass this on to all men.”




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