How to win any writing competition!


“ A writer is a person who finds writing harder than other writers”. (Not all writers are writers)

Dear reader, in order to win any writing competition, there are four great ways to achieve that.

First, understanding the question: in order to make a good writing, the writer must be able to understand what is required in the article, in order to plan well for it. “Understanding is the mother of knowledge”.

Second, nice introduction: your article must have a nice introduction in order to engage the reader to read till the end of the article. Example, you can start with a quote or begin with a question or a short story.

Third, go straight to the point: in order to win the competition, the writer ought to make his or her article not too short or not too long in other not to make his article boring to read. Writers are also advised to map out their points in a rough book to serve as a guide to avoid deviating from the topic.

Last but not the least, nice ending: your article must be inspiring, it must have a unique information to pass, you must proofread it in order to check writing errors. Example, grammatical errors. It must have a nice conclusion. I advise you dear reader to research more on: how to conclude and begin an article with examples and templates. In conclusion, “Writing is another god that defines who you are”

By: Johnboscomary Sopuluchukwu.

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