Doctor Claims Woman Offered Him Triple his Salary to Lie about the Age of her Pregnancy so She Could Pin it on a Richer Man 


As the conversation about carrying out DNA test on children continues, medical doctors have gone on Twitter narrate their encounters with women who were willing to pay huge sums to pin their pregnancies on the wrong men.

One Doctor named Ejike tweeted: “In my short time of practice I’ve seen a few women ask that their EGA i.e the age of their pregnancy be altered simply cos they wanna pin the preg on a particular man.

“Kings, pls do your DNA tests if you feel like cos tbh women can be cruel, screw ‘trust’.”

Another doctor responded: “Oh yes, this is a fact!

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“2 weeks ago, I was offered 3× my monthly salary to be made via transfer on the spot if I accepted the offer. She gave false LMP, I did my calculation, 13wks it was, O/E, SFH was 26wks, ordered a scan to r/o UF, it came back 24wks, started to prod around.”

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He added: “And she shamelessly made the offer, no iota of remorse, was expecting me to jump at the offer esp for the amount involved, telling me how she changed her mind on the actual father for the one she wanted to pin the preggy on because 2nd guy was richer. It was the guts for me.”

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