9-year-old Boy Narrowly Escapes Death as Crucifix Necklace Saves Him from Stray bullet

By Henry Iheanacho
A little Argentine boy identified as Triziano is being described as a favoured child after a necklace crucifix he was wearing prevented a stray bullet from penetrating his chest.

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According to reports, the 9-year-old alongside his sister and cousin, were celebrating the New Year festivities at their doorstep in Argentina when he felt a sudden pain on his chest and saw a bullet fall on the ground next to him.

Triziano’s mom swiftly rushed to where he was and took him to the hospital.
She described the whole incident as a miracle.
‘’He is here thank God. This is a miracle to us,” she said.

The doctors who attended to the young lad said they only found a superficial wound which they treated within an hour before discharging the lucky boy.
His aunt said she found the crucifix necklace on the ground with a hole in it, next to where Triziano was playing.

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The boy explained to his parents that it was the silver cross that his father gave him as a gift that saved his life.

His parents later took him to church just to thank God for sparing their child’
‘’We took him to church, he talked to the Father, he told him that he has been blessed. Anything could have happened to him, For us it is a miracle. A ‘New Year’s Miracle’,’‘ his mother said.

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Police have already been informed and have launched investigations to find the person who is responsible for firing the shot that almost claimed little Triziano’s life.

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