Did you know that the desires of your heart is the source of your powers?

In this article dear reader, I will tell you the power of your desires.

Desire is the emotion of longing or hoping for a person, object or outcome. The same sense is expressed by words such as craving. When a person desires something or someone, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person and they want to take actions to obtain their goal.

Desires as the source of human powers: “It is hard to contend against one’s heart’s desires for whatever it wishes to have it buys at the cost of soul” (Heraclitus. A Greek Philosopher). It is through your desires that the power of manifestion in your soul is actually activated for real-life manifestation. As a result of your strong desires, the soul may choose to survive through hell at all cost in order to achieve whatever it wills.

The heart in general definition is the central or innermost part of something. The heart has it’s biological definition as the organ that controls the flow of blood in the body, or the center of emotions. Heart desire is something someone wants very much.

The big question: Dear reader, as you have read and seen that the heart is the center of your emotion and the most important part of human being. What do you desire with your heart? “The starting point of all achievements is desire” (Napoleon Hill). Do you desire good with your heart? Or do you desire evil with your heart? Desire, I believe is the soul of human actions and achievements. Good desire results positive actions and achievements. Bad desires result negative actions and achievements. As a man, we ought to desire good in order to manifest positive results for we are moral beings.

By Johnboscomary Sopuluchukwu ( A Software Engineer, Spiritualist, Creative Writer and Author @ginnyent).

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