Emotional! Little Girl Prays for Her Dad Who Needs Money for Kidney Transplant (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

A little Nigerian girl has melted hearts on social media after she was seen praying for her sick father who needed money to do kidney transplant.

A video which was shared online showed the brave little girl laying her hands on her dad and praying for him to be healed of his life threatening illness.

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The man laid in the backseat of a car and the door was wide open as the girl offered prayers in inaudible voice. An adult lady who is believed to have recorded the video could be heard saying Amen in the background.

Watch the video below:

Nigerians were moved by the scene that people suggested way to offer assistance and others prayed.

@tuo_kplus wrote; Can someone please open a fundraiser for this man here ….little drops of water make a mighty ocean, We did it during ENDARS we can do it with for people in need as well

@queenha62236561; God will give you new kidney….coz there are brand new body parts in heaven,I pray for quick recovery for you in Jesus name,Amen.


@bolanle_diana; Lord Jesus, balm of gilead, we thank you for the power in your name, and we declare that your son is healed in the name of Jesus.

@iyke_philip; That hand she place on his forehead is healing hand… A divine healing I join her to pray. Amen

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