Drama as Wife Fights Husband in the Car for Allowing His Mum Sit at the Front 


 By Henry Iheanacho 

A woman has narrated the drama that occurred when she and her husband were going for an event. 

According to her, the man was driving both of them to an event and they had to pick his mum on the way, however, on getting there, he told her (wife) to go to the back seat.

Update: Moses Onoja Foundation

His wife was not happy about it but she acted unhurt and obliged, after which they headed to the occasion.

When they were done and he dropped his mum off at home, he told his wife to come back to the front seat but she refused.



She insisted that his mother should continue sitting at the front, he then insulted her and warned her not to talk about his mum in that manner again.

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The wife, confused on which of them was wrong, asked for people’s opinion on the matter.

Read below:

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