Man Publicly Humiliates His Wife on Her Birthday for Cheating on Him with His Brother (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

Infidelity is an act which hurts deeply whenever a man or woman find out that their partner has been cheating.

Some react by voicing out in anger, others become violent, while some others calmly call it quit and walk away.

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Although these are the main reactions people give after catching their cheating spouse, there are still some ways which many describe as a bit extreme, and it entails acting as though he or she has been forgiven but then proceed to publicly humiliate the person several weeks or months later.

A man has adopted the last approach after he caught his wife cheating with his brother.

He planned to humiliate his spouse on her birthday by making her believe he has a special surprise she’d love whereas the opposite would be case.

In a video he shared on TikTok, the man took his woman outside to the courtyard together with his brother and blindfolded them both in the full view of neighbours.

He then gave her a box to hold with inscriptions that reveal her extra-marital affair with his brother.

The man then went ahead to put some of her personal belongings in the box, but the woman who did not know what was going on thought he was putting gifts in the box.

A cake was the last item he dropped on the box with his wedding ring on it, and it read; Get out of my house.

In the video clip, he also showed some of her clothes already thrown out on the pavement.

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After he was done, the husband removed the blindfold from his wife and brother and told them that he caught them cheating.

Watch the video below:

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