Nigerian Man Houses Poor kids He Met on the Street, Gives Update on Their New Life 


By Henry Iheanacho

A Nigerian man has warmed hearts of many with his selfless act of kindness toward some kids he met recently.

The man, Tunde Onakoya in a tweet thread which started February 2021, narrated how he had met a little boy on his way from work who, despite the downpour, was busy picking scraps and putting them into a sack.

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He was shivering terribly and spoke very incoherently.

He had very yellow eyes with a lot of facial scars which is quite disturbing for a boy that young. He couldn’t have been more than 10 years old but he had the eyes of one who had been through the terrible rigours of life.

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Disturbed by what he saw, he fed and clothed him thanks to supports from his friends and good-spirited individuals.

Tunde then followed the young boy named Sunday to where he stayed, and met his dad and sister.

They lost their mum three years ago to malaria.

Tunde described where Sunday lived with his family as ‘one of the worst places he has ever seen in his life’ as their home was merely a zinc container on a river.

However, weeks after, he has now given an update on the young lad and his sister whom he housed and has been taking care of for the past two weeks.

See his post below:

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