Armed Robbers Reportedly Attack Petrol Station, Sell Fuel to Customers for 3 Hours 


By Henry Iheanacho

Armed robbers have allegedly attacked a petrol station in Zimbabwe and made huge sum of money from dispensing fuel to customers.

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According to reports, the gunmen spent no less than 3 hours and made sales worth $15,000 during the operation.

It was learnt that they initially stormed the filling station to rob it, but on realising that there was little cash available, they decided to sell petroleum products while standing in as fuel attendants.

Unsuspecting customers that drove to the station bought fuel from the robbers thinking they were genuine workers of the station.

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However, the total amount of cash they made away with at the end of the operation was estimated to be within $15,000 (N5.7m).

It was reported that no life was lost but some of the original workers sustained injuries during the operation.

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