Man Builds Six-bedroom Bungalow from Selling Ice Cream (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

Joseph Agyiri, a man who has been selling ice cream since 1983, has shared his life experience.

The 56-year-old popularly known as Our Day in Tema, Ghana, disclosed that he had a good time selling and serving children for the past 35 years.

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Speaking with SVTV Africa, the father of nine revealed that he has been to almost every school in Tema to sell his product.

“I have been selling hokey pokey and Yoghurt for 35 years. Most of the children call me Our Day. I have been to almost all the schools in Tema selling my ice cream,” he said.

According to Agyiri, he has been providing for his wife and nine children from the money he makes selling ice cream, and indicated that he is not about to go on retirement anytime soon.

He said some of his children are too young and still in school for him to quit now.

The business has paid off in its own way as Agyiri revealed that he now owns a six-bedroom house in his hometown.

Watch the interview:

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