Young Man Denied Foreign Job Due to Nigeria’s Internet Speed 


By Henry Iheanacho

A man simply known as @OluwaObi on Twitter has revealed how he lost out on a job abroad because of the slow internet speed in Nigeria.

He revealed that the foreign-based recruiter told him that the company no longer hires people in Nigeria due to the internet speed.

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Sharing the email he received, @OluwaObi said he gave the company examples of Nigerians who are doing well in tech globally, but before he could complete his defence, the firm shut him down with the message.

According to the email, the company said they don’t accept Nigerians because internet providers in the West African country don’t have the speed that meets their technical requirements.

The young man’s tweet reads;

“Can’t believe a recruiter told me they don’t employ Nigerians cause of our internet speed.”

“Funny thing be say I think say them wan yarn say dem they fear fraudsters so I don start to dey preach to them about how Naija boys built flutterwave and Paystack and how stereotype dey harmful, na so this message just enter, ma gan I just weak.”

See his post:

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